Application of a color filter and SafeSlice to a human hand. Specific ranges of histogram filters can be designated with colors.


Orange navel demonstrates imaging of soft tissue. SafeSlice allows views of portions of 3D image this fruit was cut with a scrollbar not with a knife.

KFC Drumstick

In this image a color filter is applied to a KFC drumstick to show the bone. On the top and right side of the image the KFC box is visible.

Stanley Tool

Behold, a Stanley digital level! While an image of a tool might look fantastic in some cases in others the image comes out lackluster. Xrays are better suited for some materials not so much for others.


Glossy kernels of a ear of corn look almost like a photograph. These are not photos, they are 3D models.


Safeslice can be used to cut open a vegetable to inspect what is inside without using a scalpel or cutting knife.

2D vs 3D Knuckle

At the bottom of the two KFC wing 3D models histograms are shown. Two different ranges are selected. This allows one to focus on the meat and skin or just the bone. The red arrow points to a location where one of the chicken wing bones has been broken during processing.