2D Hand

The SingleSafeScan machine produces 180 2D xray photos. This video rotates through the images to show the hand from all angles.

2D and 3D Hand Side-by-Side

The 180 2D xray photos are turned into a 3D model. This video shows the 2D images and the 3D model side by side. The 2D to 3D transforms are taking place in continuous mode. Below the 3D image one can see the transform time in milliseconds. Transform times were further optimized and were run as quickly as 250 milliseconds in compact mode. This transform can take place onsite or on the cloud in a render farm. Onsite a good NVidia computer card costs several thousand dollars. NVidia virtual machines on the cloud rent for about $500-600 USD/month. A single virtual machine in the cloud can process 2D to 3D transforms for many clients so the cost per month per client is much lower.

3D Hand

A demonstration of the Single Safe Scan 3D viewer. Allows a hand to be moved using roll/pitch/yaw motion commands.


What looks like a JPL/NASA flyby of a planet is actually a SingleSafeScan 3D model of an avocado. Histograms are adjusted on-the-fly to focus only on the skin, meat, and pit of the fruit.


A hollow insides of a jaw can be seen in this video. CT scan like features cut and slice through the human skull to reveal details inside.


A CT like Single Safe Scan 3D model of the mouth. Shows the teeth from the inside of the mouth.


A human skull is manipulated. Portions are removed from sight to allow a clear view of the nasal and mouth cavities.


A cob of corn is sliced and rotated. Food harvesting, processing, preparation is a good application of the device in continuous scan mode.


A goat head is shown from the back. The 3D model is rapidly sliced to show the insides of the skull from the back to the nasal cavity and mouth in the front.